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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Battle of Korbitz at Hobby Bunker

 Mike had another great game set up I had seen these the last few week so today I decided to give it a try. I believe this was the battle of Korbitz a mixed force of Prussian regulars and Frie-Korps against the Reich Army
 I was in charge of the Reich Cavalry but this marshy river was really going to cramp my style
 Prussian Regulars and Jagers ready to go
 Mike finishes set up while Mat and Tony work out the Prussian plan
 Artillery gets going almost right way
 The Kurplatz Cuirassiers gets in its first tussle with the Prussian Hussars
 the wagon wheel = tired get it?
 The Six pounders in our center really did a number on the Prussians.
 I left the Dragoons on the right and sent the heavy cavalry on left. Those Hussars the Prussians seem a little nervous but in the real battle they never moved... each time we tried to move them we only had about a 60% chance they would move and more often than not they didn't.
 Close action in the center.
 My Kurplatz regiment is still hanging on.
 Prussian make some gains on the right
 But we make rallies and are able to recover.
 More close action the six pounders are really letting us hold our own.
 Cavalry is in position to sweep the Pussian light infantry but... then
 Disaster!  our biggest infantry unit routs and another unit break on the right...
 We got one gun out but...
 the other was taken.
 I suggested we fall back and reform and we did then we drove the Prussians back with our counter strike.
 Still running! Our situation is better but we still have troops running!
 These guys really should have broken a long time ago an they finally do.
 Fording the river dad driving the Prussians back.

 Fresh Curiassiers charge the Hussars and finally we have a derisive cavalry battle...
 The Hussars break and run.
 Both sides have reformed but both armies are hanging on by a thread.
 The Hussars have been seen off we also broke a Prussian infantry unit and on the right...
We now have cavalry on both flanks... the Prussian player decide to call it a day.  I sadly don't recall the name of the rules but they are adapted form a board game and I felt they played well and it was a lot of fun.