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Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Longstreet Odds and Ends

 Some more bits and pieces to round out my Confederate Army for Long Street
 My second horse holder stand for those times when I have more than one cavalry unit.

 This flag is Alabama's unofficial state flag carried as a battle flag by many Confederate units from that state
 I'll probably call this the 15th Alabama the 20th Maine's oponet in the desperate fight on Little Roundtop
 A couple of generic confederate command stands for additional units for either long street or other games with smaller units.

 My aid-de-camp a complacently necessary officer with no roll in the rules but...
 Officers have bonuses they can give to one unit per turn my plan is to use this fellow as a marker so I know were that bonus is in effect.
 It also helps my opponent know were that bonus is being used.