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Thursday, May 31, 2012

May was a Big Month

Best Sportsman award Huzzah FOW Tournament Trophy.
This was a big month for Fencing Frog.  There were 20 posts(21 counting this one) this is the most in this blogs history.  We passed 5000 page views and we have had more than 11k looks at the blog in May. 

The Huzzah blogs gave me a big bump, I am not sure if my regular war gaming will attract that over 11K readers on a regular basis.

The blog also passed the 100 post mark a modest enough number but one worthy of note. 

Thanks to AJ, the FOW blog ring, and Godon's FOWNE and Black Powder NE yahoo groups for the referrals.

Thanks to the Adler Hobby 'club" the great weekly games and the Maine War Gamers club for putting on a great convention at Huzzah.