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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I think the iconic tank of the Second World War is the Tiger I.  Its not the best tank, its probably not even the best German tank (discuss if you will) but when I think World War II thanks I think of the Tiger I. This big bastard scared the allies, so much so that its said that American soldiers "see every German tank as a Tiger."

Given this information its probably sounds odd to say that my German armies didn't have any Tiger I (I did have a Tiger II but its almost never used).  I have now fixed this hole in my German order of battle.

I painted these with a more mid war color scheme so I can use them in both middle and late. I am not sure the Tiger I is worth the points in mid war but I like having the option.

I used the salt and hit with white spray primer to give them a bit of a white washed look then dry brushed them with a brown.  The effect is not exactly the one I was going for, these look like the crew was lazy washing off their winter white wash rather than like some of it had worn off in normal use. Over all I am not displeased with the effect its better then over doing the white wash at any rate.