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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Huzzah Blackpowder: Battle of Dennewitz

Brigade Carriere Finally appears on the Battle Field.
 I had been looking forward to this game for months and now the day was here.  The table covering had been finished the night be fore but the table took amazing... long and narrow with literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of figures deployed in columns and line, the sort of scene that must have inspired Robert E. Lee to say "It is well that war is so terrible - otherwise we would grow too fond of it."

This how ever is a War Game so Enjoy!  I had the command you have slowly seen growing over the last few months 5 infantry Battalion 4 French and the Irish Legion, a unit of Skirmishers and a regiment of Dragoons. Not the most balanced of commands but reasonably strong and as it turned able to absorb a lot of damage.

To my imdiate left was a force town and a force of French/German troops including infantry, artillery and light cavalry. to my right was large force of French infantry. Though there was a gap between us the gave me some concern...(turned out not to be a problem).

and more Prusians
To my midiate front were 4 units of Prussian infantry supported by two Landwehr and a battery. Dan my opposite number also had another 4 Prussian Infantry units with another battery so I was significantly out numbered. Fortunately Dan also had to deal with the troops to my left.  Further to my left was a division of Swedish troops who had little effect on my force (though that Rocket ruined my  day at one point).

Swedish troops with Rockets? Merde!
1st Turn move.
Imperial Forces had the First turn so I sent may men marching forward I was able to grab the house on the left but fell short of the one to the right. and my skirmishers decide they rely like hanging out in the grove and refused to move.  Our First turn shooting was pretty good disordering two Prussian units, to my left my allies moved into the town were they would stay for most of the battle.

My Allies on the left move into the town.
On his turn and took the other house, and launched an assault to take back the house I had occupied.  I was able to stop this attack but it would go on and on.
poor Brunhilda stuck in the middle
I had a unit swing left and attack the Prussians trying to take my house.  This Brutal melee would continue for the nest several turns.

My Skirmishers occupied a house with a stone wall around its yard and poured fire into the Prussians advancing on the right. In the center a fierce exchange of gun fire went back and forth turn after tun and slowly it went my way as Prussian units broke and finally we won the melee on the left only to have the damaged unit in the open charged int he flank.  Ironically I wanted this unit to break but it would suffer for another 2 turns of indecisive melee. 

My foe's first move.
My dragoons had taken a number of hits from Rockets and Artilery that always seemed to disorder them... finally I was able to get this unit out of the line of fire and  withdraw may my damage musketeer from the center.

The height of the battle.
This was key to the battle as it let me rally off my shaken units and renew the assault breaking my opponents  1st brigade and holing off is second with help on my left.  To my immediate right both forces fought to a stand off but further down the table the Allies were crushed by their Imperial foes, providing the French with a clear road to Berlin!

Thank you Rich and Bergi for putting this together it was great fun for all! Vive l'France! 
View to my right as the French Break the Germans and Russians!
Light infantry defend their Castle.
View form the 'other side of the hill'
Prussian center broken by the French
after math of the battle to my right
Final postilion on my left