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Monday, May 7, 2012

Huzzah 2 Attack of the Honey Stewarts No Retreat!

Airfield Battle
Why not 'hide' the objective in the hanger
Stuarts double then get ambushed
My next game was the No Retreat mission against Dan and his Honey Stewart list. I lost the die roll and had to defend, its hard to do this with an armored force especially as small as 4 platoons!

who ambushed who?
I started with my 88s on the board covering the objective int he hanger and the CinC covering the other (thank goodness CiCs can hold objective now!) I kept the PZ IIs hidden in ambush and the Pz IVs off board with the 8 Rads.  The key would be to survive to turn 3. I was fairly sure I could do this... until I saw Dan run 8 Stuarts right at My CinC. (he moved at the double 32 inches in one turn!) Worse he made sure I had shots no with the 88s!(Well Played!)  I popped the ambush(which was screwed up by Dan's advance) but got nothing my AT 5 2cm guns did noting. The CinC got one Stuart but they killed 3 of 5 PzIIs and bailed my CinC. So on Turn 2 Surviving to Turn 3 looked a bit iffy (and this was assuming I got my reserves on Turn 3) Dan had me on the back foot.

At the at the same time he had 3 more Stuarts advancing on the other objective and infantry moving up the middle. Both under cover so the 88s had no clear shot.

Turn 3 arrived and I got my reserves! 3 Panzer IV moved to save their commander and the two bailed survivors of the Pz II Platoon.

Over the next three turns Dan tried to kill my Pz IIs he got one more, but my Panzer IVs steadily killed Stuarts. My 88s also managed to get one tank on that side of the board.  Dan Also tried to Flank the 88s on the other side of the board but went a turn early and got burned as his tanks for killed by my 88s. Even on Turn 6 Dan was still driving on my men. Dan used his medic Token to re-roll a company moral (not sure I would have) and launched a final desperate attack with his CinC and 2IC but in the end he never did kill that last PZ II. This gave me a 6 to 1 win but folks it was much closer than that! I won this battle because I happened to throw a 5 for my reserves the fist chance I could if I had not Dan would have probably won the game on turn 4 or 5.

Dan was very gracious in defeat especially considering the frustration he must have felt at not getting that Last PzII! I still find it hard to believe that Dan got this good with this list in approximately 4 weeks! Watch this fellow he's dangerous!

Dan contemplates the tank massacre