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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Scorpion responds

Black Scorpion responded the issue I wrote about here

"Sorry about the issue with the figures.

I'm not sure exactly what this is but my best guess is the release agent used on the models may have reacted with the paint causing this.
 I don't do this as I've painted many resin models and ever had a problem! But this is what I've heard described if it happens.
But as you say you washed them so this is very strange...

It could be a bad resin mix or batch, in truth I'm not sure!

I'l happily send some replacements to you if you like. Sorry if your paintjob has been ruined.

Hope this helps,"

This was a quick response (sent the same day I sent my email) and its refreshing to hear a company say they are stumped as well.

My guess at this point is the problem is with the releasing agent and that a more through cleaning is probably necessary on future projects.

On the chance that the issues is with the figures themselves I have taken Black Scorpion up on the offer of new figures.

I have some new projects I would love to post about but I am going to wait until I can up load the photos.