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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Projects for 2012 update.

Its a bit early for a mid year review but looking at the list I thought it was a good idea to up date these and maybe set some new ones.

So without further adue here we are
Personal Goals:
1) attend a convention.  Believe it or not this is something I have never done.  I am planning to go to Huzzah in Portland ME.
This one is done! if you some how missed it take a look here: Huzzah!

2) Participate in a FOW tournament. this is linked to the goal above.
Yeah this too see the above link for the details. Still find it had to belive I was voted best sportsman. 

3) Run a Black Powder war game/tactical exercise  for Regiment Saintonge.  This is something Steven and I have talked about for a long time as a way to give people and idea of what they have to deal with as commanders in terms of tactics and derision making.
Not yet key players are on board but no date and time has been set.

Painting Goals:
1) Finish My Free French Tirailerurs Senegalese and Decourverte de combat force for FOW
2) Paint at least 3 more units of Napoleonic French before Huzzah.
3) Paint up my Gebirgsjagers for use as a German Infantry force in the late war league.
Not started (good thing I have a year because I also have gamer ADD) 

4) Paint more 7YW and WAS 15mm to reduce my "lead debt"
Not yet but several JR miniatures houses are nearing completion and will provide great terrain for these battles at some point 

New Projects:
1) US Armored Company 
2) Round out the Soviet infantry company Rob is painting for me with proper support troops. Any suggetions?