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Friday, May 4, 2012

First Battle of Sackets Harbor

Rich Clayton set up a great Naval game using the Trafalgar rules.  These are simple and played very fast. Allen and Jonathan commanded the American Force of the Lord Nelson, Oneida and the fort.

The British had larger fleet the Royal George and Governor Scimcoe under Adriane command while I had the Prince Regent, Seneca (called the slow poke Seneca at the start of the game) Earl of Moria. 

Both side headed straight for each other the Americans having to move against the Wind which Jonathan did very skill fully.

He anchored tho Oneida in the channel while maneuvering the Lord Nelson for the open see.

He almost made it to but the Prince Regent got a good shot at Nelsons sales and dis-masted her.

Oneida and the for got in shots on us as we closed then up anchor to try and rescue the Nelson unleashing a devastating broadside on Earl of Moria. 
Clear for Action!
The American fort would finish the Earl of Moria a turn latter. 

At the same time Seneca grappled and captured Lord Nelson.  Jonathan chose to fire into the captured Lord Nelson rather then Seneca which gave me the chance to rake Oneida at short range with devastating results.  Caught between the Prince Regent and Seneca the Oneida was final Crippled.

Adrian had meanwhile silenced the American fort gallantly commanded by Allen who sank Earl of Moria and badly damaged both of Adrian's ships.  It was a hard fought but decisive Victory for the Royal Navy.  Great game guys, thanks Rich for putting this on!

Americans struggle against the wind
Royal navy closing the range
Lord Nelson and Prince Regent exchange broad sides

Oneida anchors in the channel
Prince Regent Dis-masts the Lord Nelson
The Oneida fire a devastating broad side into Earl of Moria.
Seneca Grapples and captures the Lord Nelson

Seneca crosses Oneidas T and unleashes a devastating broad side
Oneida is crippled and burned
Close up of one Riches excellent ships