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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Huzzah FOW 3 Panzers v. French Infantry Break Through

I think this must be as far west as the Pharaohs got

8 Rads strike at French 75s (wow the desert Camo really works!)

My final battle of the day was against Tony and his French infantry force. Break through has a bit of an odd set up with the table divided into 4 quadrants one of which belongs to the attacker (me) two of which are used by the defender to set up and a fourth where the objectives go. I opted to go with my alternative force for this battle dropping the 88s and picking up a Pioneer company and a Litch Panzer platoon (my PzII platoon also dropped from 5 to 4 to accommodate this, got to a few more PzIIs at some point) and upping my 8 Rad count from 2 to 6. This gave me a more mobile force it also gave me my Pioneers to the perfect force to have arrive in the objective box when my delayed reserves kicked in.

Tony set up his two infantry platoons,  his Motorized 75 AA guns (evil little things, got to get some)  his French 75 battery and his two 155 howitzers. He also had a HMG platoon that he did the French swap of to HMGs for two Rifles with one of his Infantry platoons. When you have units with 0 or 1s for side armor HMGs are not to be sneered. Off the table Tony had a platoon of 4 Somuas and another platoon of H35s.

Looking at Tony's army I knew I was in for a tough fight he could match me tank for tank and he had infantry and guns besides.

I started by throwing a left hook with my 8-Rads using my recon and regular move to get all 6 into position to blast away at Tony's French 75s Using my MGs even with 18 dice I was unreasonably lucky landing more than enough hits to pin his battery and killing 1 gun, the staff team and the platoon leader.

Tony's retribution was not long in coming his motorized 75s took out two of my Panzer IVs including my CinC who failed his Warrior save. Tony also got his first reserves Somua tanks who shot up my 8-rad knocking out 3 and bailing another. On my next turn I killed the motorized 75s with my Panzer IVs and my Liecht Panzer platoon. The 8-Rads and Panzer IIs kept picking at the 75s(I killed a second 75 at this point) and the infantry on the left and manages their fist successful assault on Tony's infantry Driving the back some. Another lucky MG shot form a Panzer II with no other targets took out Tony's CinC (he still had the 2iC, my list doesn't have one).
This was only Turn 2 both of us were playing aggressively but carefully and both us were taking serious blows.

On Turn three I got my reserves and my Pioneers marched on to the field in a long line with men on each objective. I hit Tony's infantry in the left center (closest to the objective) again and drove them back the platoon had to check moral and failed but Tony Called out "Medic" and rerolled passing this time.  The Somau' killed off my 8-Rads and also killed a PzI an manged to bail another.  Tony got his H35s on the board an moved double time to the objective. My Lietch Panzers had to us the Medic Taken to keep that platoon on the board (one bailed and one destroyed with only one fighting) which made so I still had four or five platoons in action. I was in good shape but Tony still had lots of tank killing assets on the board.

Turn 4 was a far as we got my Panzer IIs despite getting 6 shots each only bailed a single H35 so assaulting his rump infantry platoon as out of the question as the other two H35 and the lone 75 would have shredded my light tanks.  The PzIVs and S35 trade shots dodging between the buildings of the north African village. My remounted Lietch panzer platoon moved to support the troops holding the objective.  Tony's side of the turn saw a PzII killed and another bailed but no appreciable change to the tactical situation.  My Pioneers were dug in on the objective, at this point the game was called and I was declared winner.

Tony and I both really enjoyed the game a lot of hard hits were given and taken by both of us and neither of us made any serious mistakes if we had the time to go six round I think I would have managed to hold on for the win but I am far from certain.

Tony I hope you get another shot at me this was a great game!