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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinkertons in Distress...

So Thursday I made my way to Adler Hobby intending to play some fist full of lead with my new Pinkerton/gunfighter miniatures which you can see above.  I thought they looked pretty good but when I got to Adler and too them out of the box Gordon and I noticed some thing odd about two of them. After a little light handling the fellow the red shirt had some serious "pealing" in one spot of the back of his arm and appeared to be "sweating" on other point. The fellow in the top hat had a similar issues. (I will post pictures of this or at least of the after math) Needless to say I was not happy and decided it was not a good Idea to use these.

Now I am not sure what happened.  I did wash the figures before priming with the same P3 back primer I used on all my other figures. There was an issue with the initial coat of red (it dried with crack pasterns on it)  on the figure in the derby and if this issue was restricted to him I would say its just an old bottle of paint. The figures were gloss coat sealed given an ink wash and then dulcoat sealed.

Now they did spend the day in my car so maybe the heat effected the resin, maybe moister got trapped in the paint when I applied the seal.  Anyone else run into this sort or issue.  I have written to Black Scorpion miniatures concerning this issue and will post any response I get.

The miniatures are resin of a sort I have not worked with before so the cause could be some interaction of the materials, paint etc.

Any one seen anything like this? Gordon and the gang at Adler were stumped and that is a first.

I did play in a short FOW battle running a British tank list that got it self shot to pieces and broken in two turns... Shortest game I have had to date! (pictures latter)
Set up for Fist turn.

two turns latter almost every one is dead.