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Monday, May 7, 2012

Huzzah! FOW 1 Panzers v. French Recon Dust up

Gorden's evil RR table
Initial Set up for Dust up.

My Big Mistake
My First battle involved my Mittler Panzer company against a French cavalry Recon force that was a mix of Hotchkss 35s and Somuas 35s backed by a battery of 75s! (every list in this tournament was tough so I will not repeat this statement in each report!) My opponent Timus and I think both felt the table was the worst one we could get for our forces and the dust up mission.
These could have covered both gaps very nicely

That RR Embankment looked like the Alps and neither of us wanted to A) get bogged down on the Tracks or B) go into the shooting gallery that clearly woudl happen at the road you can see in the left hand side of the table.

Both of us were careful and by turn 3 we hand even shot at each-other. I had realized I should have gone under the RR bridge on the right and tried to send my Panzer IIs through here even moving at the double to do.

I survived the fire from Timus newly arrived H35 and shot back using 15 shots go get on killed tank!

At the same time I sent my Panzer IVs over the RR embankment and made it. I took out one S35(its as the platoon leader which immobilized them, not that it mattered much) and lost a Panzer IV from counter fire.

There was a lot of bouncing AT rounds for the next two turns, I did manage to get my 8-Rads over the road and onto the objective (driving like mad through the French tanks) so at least I was contesting my opponents objectives.

This one was a 1 to 1 draw (loss to both) . Latter apologized to Timus that I was unavailable for the "revenge" round.  Timus responded by saying "the only revenge I want is the chance to blow up that Board!" I can't really disagree! (though it would  a shame as its very pretty)

I think Both Timus and I screwed up our deployment.  I should have gone right not left and Timus should probably have started with two Recon Platoons on the board (at least that is what I think I would have tried in his shoes.)

Thanks for a Fun Game Timus, Gordon you really should rate your board with a level of Difficulty in these tournament or something!

Should have sent Panzer IVs here on Turn 1!

Moral Victory?