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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reporting for Duty Emperore

My final French unit for Rich Clayton's Dennewitz game is ready just in time for Huzzah it was down to the wire but I was able to flock them and get a final layer of dull coat on last night. Having worked with both now I think that if I am going to do 28mm Napoleonic figures again(which feels unlikely at this point) I will stick with Perry, a number of the Victrix Figures already have broken bayonets and these guys have yet to see a battle.

 Two officers to handle command duties for this or any other brigade Rich may need them for, the blue is not that bright in real life something with the flash on my camera.

And there they all are 4 units of French line, 1 Irish legion (on the left) a unit of skirmishers and two three stand units of Dragoons.

 I also finished up my Pinkerton 'gang' and they may get some action tonight.