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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Red and Gray Counter attack

 Thursday my late war Falsherjagers faced there old foe Chris' Polish commandos.  The mission rolled was Counter attack one of those divide the table into 4 sections that games I was in the lower  left hand corner of the table as you can see above. I kept my Marders and StuGs off board as mobile reserves.  Chris started with every thing on the board.  I was expecting a right hook form Chris and protected my self accordingly. 

Chris chose instead to charge right at me along the left hand side of the table.  Despite the cover of night my artillery had an amazing target of two infantry platoons in close formation! I ranged in easily but with something like 12 stands under the template I got all of two hits! Naturally Chris saved both of those. 

Chris launched an assault with first one platoon and then the other and by the end of it I was effectively out one infantry platoon and a gun from my battery.  I was pretty frustrated and let it show (sorry Chris).  My other infantry, 88 and the remaining 10.5 CM guns did some damage to Chris' men and my Stugs wiped out his Sherman support units. 
Chris over ran both my 10.5 CM guns and my 8.8 though in doing it his two platoons of Commandos were down to 1 stand and a higher command team so I was feeling a bit better as my Maders reached the scene of the action and started to hurt his MG platoon (who had pinned me about every turn).

As it was closing in on turn six I move my other FJ platoon out of their fox holes and wiped out Chris' last Commando and brigadier "Yougski" his higher command team.

It was now a race to see if I could break Chris before he broke me.

 My Marders Killed two of Chris's three mortars just shy of what I needed to force a moral check.

On his turn Chris managed to kill one of my remaining FJs just shy of what he needed.  I thought I was safe but then Chris remembered his Sniper who had been shooting at me all game with no effect.  Finally the sniper got a hit, I failed the save Chris got his fire power and I had to test platoon moral.

I failed, used the commanders re-roll but failed... so my commander ran with them... so my company broke.  

Great game it went right down tho the wire and we bother could have won. 

That last shot made up for all the other missed ones!