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Friday, June 1, 2012

Red and Gray Dust Up US Armor Vs. PzGren

In addition to tigers I have some American tanks I have been working on. My 5 M4A1(76) tanks are done and there others were close enough that I brought them to give a new 4th Armored Division list a try.

After rolling Fair Fight twice Ted and I got the dust up mission.  Ted decided to defend the corner opposite the town I set up in two stands of trees on either side of the river. I only had three platoons at 1500 points so I was glad I had two Warriors in the HQ under the new rules.

I got a lucky sniper shot with one of my 76mm armed Sherman tanks taking out a Panther on Turn 1. Ted got two of said Sherman tanks on his side of turn 1.  I think I'll trade two Shermans for a Panther.   Not much happened on turn two with Ted and I both playing conservative. I did move my Company commander across the river to lead the now leaderless Shermans of my 1st Platoon.

On turn 3 I failed to get reserves, and tried to move my men into a position to get side shots on the Panther (or at least make them move to avoid them) using the woods and hills as cover. But Ted did get his reserves and suddenly I have Jagerpanzer IV(V)s behind my tanks and my CO is their sights.

 Fortunately for me the bailed tank above was the only result. Ted had a bad night with the dice.

 On my own turn I got side shots on these guys and got all three.  Great paint job Ted and the smoke looks awesome :)
 Ted made a push for my Objective but his Panther platoons got caught in a cross fire as my 2nd platoon arrived. He was lucky to escape with only one dead panther.

He tried to push his way in the woods next with the lone surviving panther and got double bailed and faild his motivation so the last panther ran leaving just the armored cars in the woods.  These didn't have a chance against Sherman tanks.
 When my 3rd and final platoon arrived Ted took out the Platoon leader so they were stuck here for the rest of the game.  At this point I was trying to soften up his infantry for assault and kill his AT guns. I did get the AT guns after several turn of sniping.

 My 2ic Bogged 3 times in the couse of the game twice in a row at this river trying to reach the leaderless platoon.
 Ted used his HQ force to assault my leaderless tanks and made very short work of them due to assaulting from cover. He probably could have done this a few turns earlier.

My tanks finally make their assault I could probably have done this a turn or tow earlier but I thought Ted had a few more panzer Fausts then he actually did with this platoon.

I really like American tanks with their new rules. The "easy 8"(and I only had 1) with the smooth ride ability is really a game changer (not as good as being able to storm trooper out of range but nice).  I also feel I under rated the Detroit's Finest that extra 2" of movement was the difference between front and side shots on those JagerPanzers and came came in handy other times as well.

Thanks Ted for a great game. Bellow are some shots of the Sherman 76s that are finished (the other tanks are still works in process)