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Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Trolls Panzer Grenadiers V. Armored infantry.

Ariana was working this Saturday which means I got to do some gaming over at 3Trolls in Chelmsford MA. Every Saturday they have a game usually 1750 to 2000 points a side played by however many people show up (usually 3 to 6) Dick the shop owner either holds court or joins in depending on how many players they have.
On this particular day Dick (seen above) was commanding the right wing of the American Force while I took the left. The Germans were Reluctant trained while the Americans were Confident Trained.

 Charlie and Warren commanded the Germans Charlie (above) was opposite Dick while Warren was facing me.
 Warren presented me with an immediate problem three Panthers pushed forward aggressively.  Warren has a bit of a reputation at the shop he tends to be at one end or the other of the old bell Curve.  Sadly for me he was a the high end this Saturday, I seemed to be at the low end.
 I also move in aggressively hoping for side shots and to kill his infantry with my many MGs of my armored infantry.  With no cover it was a quick draw contest I drew first but every shot that hit was bounced though I did chew up his infantry.
 This was the High point of the day for my tanks two bailed panthers... the next turn all my tanks were dead.  At the same time Dick and Charlies infantry were in a close range fire fight that ended with an advantage to the Germans.
 Air got all of one AT gun all game. Bombs did bounce off the top armor of several Panhters Warren always rolled at least a 5+ on all armor saves. 

With my tanks and infantry (mostly) dead and Dick in a stalemate with Charlie we called the game. Many laughs were had over the oddities of dice.  A pleasant way to pass a Saturday morning, once Ariana was out of work it was off to the beach for the afternoon also a pleasant time.