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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thurday night game: Fist Full of Lead

While Ted and I were blazing away at each other with Machine guns and HEAT rounds Gordon and Chris had a very different battle going on using the rules A Fist Full of  Lead.  I had my own game so I can not give an AAR but I did snap some pictures.  I can't repeat some of what I heard at the table as Gordon and Chris taunted each other (in a friendly fashion). Gordon commanded his Buffalo Soldier and Chris had a gang of Outlaws.
Chris has killed two of Gordon's Buffalo soldiers
Pinned Buffalo Soldier
Outlaws in a defensive position.
Buffalo Soldiers pinned by Outlaw fire.
Chris decides to go hand to hand.
The Final Savage hand to hand fight in which left on Outlaw and one Buffalo Soldier dead.  Gordon took out three of Chris' four outlaws giving him a minor victory
Chris' Preacher figure "Padre Pio" not involved in this game but still a cool figure a true "butt kicking servant of the Lord!"