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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Red And Gray Breakthough FJ and Comandos

This Thursday we returned to an old theam my Fallshermjagrs facing off with Chris' Polish Comandos. The mission awas breakthrough a corner to corner mission with the attacker's (Chris) men arriving around the back (on top of the objectives) . Chris decided not to use night attack so his guns were in play from turn 1 fortunaly he had an off night.
 Full veiw of the table (note the massive Artilery park in the corner.
 My defensive line in the upper left corner I didn't want Chris going this way because his men would have had more cover aproching the objectives. Also my 88s had a good field of fire coving the lower right half of the board as well if Chris bbroak through there. It worked Chirs went the other way.
 Chris used his tanks agressively to try and break my infantry line and why not comandos feal nothing for their tanker brothers.
His first go lost hime one tank
 The Seccond attack got the rest of his tanks and his company and higher comand teams killed in my counter attack.  I thought I was in pretty good shape at this point as Chris didn't get his reserves on turn 3.(Delayed reserves)
 So I started forming a nice defensive postionion.
 Chris facked me out by moving on and digging in his HMGS and Mortars I took as many shots as I could at the Mortars and didn't get one!
 Then Chris got 5 hits in assult with his infantry who snuck up behind my StuGs I rolled 3 1s so all three tanks where bailed! So much for Probablility! Chris followed on and our infantry cut eachother up badly but I had more guys so I "won" the fight but I was without any high fire power wepons that could shoot at Chriss.
Sadly it was 11:30 by this point. Having considered this at some length I have to think that Chris would have won in the end. He had the Mortas to kill my men with and the HMGs to pin or kill themif they tried to assualt. Good game Chris someday I will beat your comandos just not yet.