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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Houses -- Chrash! OH &$^%$

 So I have been working on these little by little and off and on for many weeks now.  They got held up by the rain as I did not want any thing strange to happen when they were sealed/top coated. I'm very happy with how these came out take a look. As you look morn with me as these to a crash landing as I brought them into the house form drying in the sun... glad I took pictures first! Pictures of the damage will come I was too "heart broken" last night.
 These first two are supposed to a Tunisian Villa I'm not sure JR Miniatures has the Villa look down but it works for a house and out building.  The tile with sand swept into the edges looks good. I'm pleased with how the roof cam out its supposed to be dust covered with the red brick of the tile showing through at the edges and raised surfaces. Damage wise, not too bad some chipping on the edges of the roofs... might be able to get away with not doing any work on this one.
 I love the look of this piece looks like a pair of building from an Italian or southern French town. I did a lot of work on the flag stones brick and was very please. Unfortunately the chimney of this piece snapped off with a portion of the roof of the taller building... I recovered part of it so maybe I can replaces it but I think considerable work will have to be done to fix this.
 The above called an Enclosed Villa by JR Miniatures came though unscathed to my great joy. Again a lot of work was done on the Brick and tile work.
 Above is the front and back of the French Farm house by JR Miniatures. Really pleased with how the roof came out and the over all look of the building. There was some minor chipping on the peeks of the two upper windows but a little paint should hide those.

 These are what JR miniatures call workers quarters they are similar to the french farm house but much smaller.  They broke from their bases but are other wise in good shape maybe because of their compact size.

Over all the damage could have been a lot worse these building proved surprisingly resilient I had thought they would be some what more brittle but the came through a nasty crash landing better then I feared at firsts.