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Thursday, June 7, 2012

United States Artilery

Since these guys may well be appearing on the table in the not too distant future I thought I would post some pictures.  The guns and figures are Old Glory (Command Decision ) .  I started this bunch when I was unemployed so I picked the cheapest figures available. I actually like the look of the Old Glory  American Artillery they mix reasonably well with Battle Front though I would not put them side by side with Battle front 105s.  I had a lot of time on my hands so I did a lot of work on the bases as I was doing an Italian theater Army I did the bases "dug in."

About the same time I did the 105s I also did a battery of 75mm Pack Howitzers because I loved the look of the gun and they are a support option for the French expeditionary Corps in Italy.  I really like these guns they are like mortars with direct fire, OK so all infantry Mortars now have Direct fire but at the time they didn't.  Even now you can get 6 Confident Veteran Guns for 165 Points that's a good deal and while the AT firing direct is only a 6 that better than any mortar and Direct Fire Power of 3+.  Bombarding they will rarely kill any thing other than Infantry in the open but they can smoke or pin and some times that's all you need. I just wish they were an option with more lists. These are Battle Front Guns and Figures.