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Saturday, June 16, 2012

4th Armor Vs. Panzer Brigade at 3 Trolls

 Since Arianna was again working this Saturday I made my way to 3 Trolls in Chelmsford.  I Had an army of my own design this time and I was running it by myself as Dick had to man the register. I had 2 armored platoons with 1 Jumbo and 2 Easy8s each and third platoon with one M3A4 (76) and 4 M3A4 Shermans these were backed up with a battery of 105s and HQ units consisting of an Easy 8 and a Jumbo.  My plan was to hold on the left and advance on the right. Charlie had two 3 Panther platoons and two 3 Panzer IV(70)s platoon with a platoon Volks Grenadiers. He split them up Warren taking those on my right and Charlie handling those on the left.  Charlies plan was an all out advance with the Panzer IV(70s) trying to wrap around both flanks.

  Germans advance cautiously on the fist turn on both sides. I moved my E8s and Jumbos forward slowly and engaged the Panthers at long range.  I got one of Warrens but for about two turns things where fairly static.

I advanced my regular Shermans up to that low hill and hid be hind it hoping Warren would play aggressively.  He did trying to close the range so he could hit on 4 rather than 5s.  He even bailed my Sherman 76.

 I was however able to pull my trap moving my Shermans in an among his Panthers so I could hit them with side shots using my stabilizers.  As you can see they wreaked some havoc

 Waren had no luck getting shots back using his Panzer IVs and I got two of them next turn
Charlie fell to long range fire from my Easy 8s and we called the game as the germans had only two operational platoons at that point. Terrain makes all the diference foramerican armor. if they someplace to hid they can be deadly.  I am not shure a pure German armor force and fight a Pure US Armor force in what I call a fun game.  In the games i have played so far one side or the other wipes the flore with the oposition and terrain seems to be the main factor.