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Monday, June 18, 2012

Houses Part 2 Repairs.

 I am sure you recall my little incident with the house taking a fall last week, if not go here. well I have done some repair work and the damage was not as bad as I thought it would be. AJ provided me with some laser cut bases and I built this one up with cork to make a low hill of sorts. I my uptimate in tention is to build a hill piece that this villa can slot into.
 I used some ivy to cover the chipped and broken chimney and the result is effective. The basing was done using the materials form a the Gale Force 9 Tundra set.  I think this works for an alpine setting as well, though I may add s piece or two from the wild flower set.
 I created a wall of scrap pieces of cork painted stone gray making the French peasant home into a noble's hunting lodge or the home of a prosperous farmer.  I think this house will look good integrated into a town scape or on its own.  No repairs were needed here. 

 Basing materials are a combination of Gale force 9 tundra for the path, and the yellow patch the green is woodland scenic static grass. I think I will put some wild flower effect in the yellow patch to give the impression of a small herb garden.