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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fist full of lead shoot out at Adler

Great game Thursday night at Adler Hobby.  Two of my three men were gunned down early by Gordon's buffalo soldiers.  My third gunfighter got away. The game plays fast and fun, the rules are simple and sensible.  A good or bad night with the dice can kill you or make you unstoppable and we saw some of each.

 My gunfighters and Chirs' Confederate Zouaves

 Gordon and AJ had a force of Yankee Infantry and Buffalo Soldiers

 Chris dominated the game from this sniper position

 My lead gunfighter from the stables... Lasted one turn and got one shot :(
 Chris made almost all his rolls AJ well he didn't Gordon and I were average

 Running with the loot

 I learned after turn two that if you have to move get out of the line of sight.  Gordon ignored me by design or mistake I am not sure.

And my last man make it out with Chris' men close behind.