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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Powder Demo at 3 Trolls

I had discussed the game Black Powder  with Dick several times and Saturday offered a good opportunity for a demo. I had thought Dick had British Napoleonic at the store but it turned out not to be the case so we split up my army of French and added some French Cavalry that Dick had in his display case.

 Charlie took one army and Warren the other and I walked them through about a three turn game. We used a narrow table so it was a case of march up and shoot then close for melee. Both players had a brigade of 4 Infantry and another brigade of 2 Cavalry units. We had to get creative with commanders Gandalf leading one army and a Rohirim figure leading a cavalry brigade.
 Both players used a combination of "column line and square" (apologies to that august rule set) so we got to experiment with a lot of the basic rules. Charlie felt the game played a little like the aforementioned rule set, and in this game our results were spectacularly bloody, both side racking up causalities at an alarming rate. 
 With no real room for maneuver both armies broke more or less at the same time with the battle ending in draw as expected.