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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Longestreet Practice at the Whiz (1)

My friend Luke is back from Hawaii newly promoted from Marine Corporal to Civilian (no offense intended Marines).   I offered him the choice of FOW or Longstreet and he picked Longstreet so we did a quick practice game.  We agreed to make both hills objectives that would start Neutral (IE either of us could take them rather than use a scenario from the book (the hedge  is treated as a fence )
Luke reach the left most hill first positioning 3 Napoleons on the heights.  Hie used poor survey to place a swamp on the hills approach. I'm focusing my efforts on Luke's  hill I am hoping two regiments can hold the hill in the woods while I punch through the center and take the second hill.
My guns are moving into position the 1st Texas who had looked like they were heading for the hill swing toward the wheat field.
Luke charged his cavalry but the 3rd Arkansas sees them off with a shrug.
Luke hits me with a lot of rile and artillery fire but I dodge most of the damage with cards or poor dice on Luke's part.
I hit Luke back... this unit gets 7 of a possible 10 hits
The hole I had hopped for in the center is opening!
Forward! give them the cold Steel, the 1st Texas and Louisianian Tigers Crash into the 12th Mass and send them reeling back up the hill only two stands of the unit remain!
Luke is chasing my cavalry he won a quick clash of sabers but I am still moving behind him
With the Rebel Yell card I launch and all out charge all along the line every regiment of my brigade takes part.
The 12th Mass redeems it self helping the Artillery repel the Tigers, the 1st Texas chase off the Yankee rifles and the 3rd Arkansas and my cavalry drive the Garibaldi Guards back from the.  Luke held the key position.
On the right I drive off the 6th Mass but the 9th Mass (Irish) holds its ground.
next turn I freeze the Garibaldi Guards with Old Rivals limiting Luks counter attack.
12th Mass makes a suicidal charge (or so it seams) my dice desert me and Luke rolling extra dice for the Cold Steel Card wins the fight.
The 9th Mass Drives back the 4th Texas but I still hold that hill.... Luke rolls a six when we check Shatter point and wins the game. Both of us played well, and the dice were uneven for both, Luke played his cards well on the last turn and got a little lucky to claim the win.
Latter in the day Luke and Nick played another game with me acting as coach and ref. you'll see that report soon .