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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Longstreet Practice at the Whiz(2)

Nick arrived a little before 3 and when Luke and I finished up we set up a quick game so he could get in game.  Luck took a small Confederate force and Nick took the Union.  We did meeting engagement of sorts with no objectives and a low shatter point (30)
Nick deployed his rifles and started throwing shells down the road at the Tigers.
Luke had the Texans through the woods to turn the union flank.
Skirmish shots in the woods as Nick's Garibaldi guards take the hill
Nick uses his cavalry to run the Confederate Flank and drives off the Confederate howitzers.
Nick's dice were very hot and as the two forces closed his artillery and muskets ripped huge holes in Luke's army. By contrast Luke can't seem to score a hit to save his life.. his dice are stone cold. 
With a final charge from the hill the Garibaldi Guards sweep the Tigers before them and break Luke's army chasing them from the field.