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Monday, July 7, 2014

39th Pennsylvania Color Guard

For Longstreet it makes sense to have extra color stands to distinguish new regiments the regular figure stands get recycled a lot.  Most of my initial work has been on regiments from Massachusetts. As most Union Brigades had regiments from many states I want a good mix as a campaign progresses
 So we have the 39th PA the stars and stripes is a design a number of Pennsylvania regiments seem to have had.
 While the regimental color is actually from another PA regiment, still I am confident it must be close.
 Despite what you see in the paintings the officer is often not with the colors as they are trusted to the Sargents.  In this case the party includes a tough gray bearded sargent (maybe he's an older chap or maybe a hard life has made him prematurely gray, you decide)
 I really like the detail of the state seal in the union of the flag.