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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Great War by Flame of Wars my sight unseen take.

As anyone who any interest in History realizes we are fast approaching the 100 anniversary of the start of the Great War (10 days from the day the war began as of this writing).  I've had an interest in the Great War since reading John Keegan's excellent single volume history of that conflict.

A few month ago I like many other heard that Battle Front would be doing a Flames of War Great War supplement.  The news excited me though I was disappointed some time after to learn they would begin with 1918 not 1914.    I've looked at what has been released on the Flames of War website and the excellent information available on the What Would Patton Do Website. 

I will reserve final judgement until I actual get to play or at least read some AARs but over all I do think that Battle Front has again made a workable product.

There has been some griping about the "tank-fest" potential on the FOW 1918 yahoo group but I think its based more on fear than any actual knowledge.  Tanks were an important part of the battle plans in 1918 (as Phil Yates of Battle Front has said on the group, and bravo to him for joining the discussion) and they should be part of the Order of Battle. 

Lets face it tanks are fun and cool looking models are one of the reasons we play war games.  The tanks do look cool they also seem to be vary vulnerable and even subject to getting stuck and or broken down.  We probably will see tanks in every battle just like we see too many Tigers, Tank Destroyers and IS-2s  (just to name a few).  After all even if its ahistorical for every German Army A7V why shouldn't my army have one.

The initial armies are British (I would have preferred to see French but I can't realy fault the choice) for the Allies and the Germans for the Central Powers (any one who doesn't agree with that choice is silly).

1918 also makes sense from a business stand point for Battle Front as many Americans realy prefer to play Americans.  I do hope that BF will quickly follow on with French, Italian, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Turkish Army lists and that we will see them soon.  Followed quickly by 1914 because its the last time you could go to war dressed like this!