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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Earth Shattering Kabooms on the Martian Front

My friend Tim has been promoting the game All Quiet on the Martian front for months now. You can check out his models and games at his blog. This was my first chance and I am playing the Martians (I like there tripods a lot, less excited about the earthling gear).   The Martians are attempting to hold and harvest a town near a US army base.
Apparently the base is an armor training facility as they have near unlimited tanks to throw at us(ever time a full unit of tanks is destroyed they will re-spawn on a 4+ on d10)
I have two scout and two Assault tripods we scuttle forward an let fly with heat rays....
Several tanks are eliminated then we fall back. the Puny humans have little luck with their quaint chemical propellent slug throwing weapons....
As the Americans drive on the tow, heat ray sweeps reach out to meet them.
I have good luck taking out a pair of tanks and two infantry stands with one shot.  More tanks burn, sadly my heat ray will not ignite the field(its a game with alien tripods against coal burning tanks... you want realism look elsewhere)
The tanks miss but the infantry in the building has Sargent York in it as a .30-06 round causes the fist point of damage to one of my tripods (Ted's Scout got hit early on and has been stumbling around, while his grenadier and Assault pod kill tanks)
Rough rider swoop in with two cables and immobilize my second Assault pod (an incident that will one day inspire George Lucas Ha Ha) unlike the At-At on Hoth I break free with no harm done, but the motor bikes must die.
Brave US infantry men close assault one of my scouts with greades and blow it and them selves up in an "Earth Shattering Kaboom!"
Silly Rough Riders thinking I can't see them....
Heat rays and black dust take their tole
I  am down two scout pods and wee must hold the cross roads!
Close assault does a point of damage on my black dust and a lucky shot from a machine gun takes out my green gas assault pod.
Ted and I have a pod each as we make our stand for MARS!
Teds assault pod shrugs off a close assault!
Damage from cannon shots starts to pile up and my heat ray seem to have gone cold....
and US tanks firing furiously at close range and then suddenly my assault pod detonates as Rich rolls a 10 on the damage chart... an massive explosion rips out of the pod and into the surrounding tanks... talk about "Earth Shattering Kaboom!"
I'm dead but so are many of my foes
Ted manages to hold out through the final turn resulting in a Martian Victory!