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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

US Regulars (1) for Longstreet

The US Regulars have a proud record in the American Civil war.  Its often over shadowed by the fare more numerous state volunteer regiments but its an important part of the history of the war.
There must have been some debate regarding what to do with the US regulars wen the Civil War began. Many of them were on the frontier (often in company size detachments) and a few regiments like the 7th US infantry had troops in enemy territory (Texas in the case of the 7th) and had to make their way back to friendly territory.
These are the Bluemoon "Iron Brigade firing" set the Iron Brigade used Regular army uniforms.  I think the Iron Brigade is a little over done in Union armies (understandably) so while I wanted this look in my army I decided to go with Regulars not Iron Brigade (though they could work for those too).
To distinguish it at a glance from the other Regular Regiment I used the wild flowers form Army Painter on the bases. I find it a very striking look.
I also mounted the flags on two separate bases with 20 stands of regulars in all I can break the unit down in to four units with 5 stands each should I have the need.