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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Longstreet Post Battle process (8)

After my hard fought defeat my army was quite battered.  The 22nd Virginia actually vanished to Camp fever and desertion.  The Georgian Regiments were like wise depleted to a mere 5 stands between them.  The new North Carolina regiment was likewise reduced to 2 stands.
To make matters worse three Eager units fell to seasoned moral, given that I need to earn some Epic points in the next game with out the "Rebel Yell" card is a concern. My North Carolina boys also fell in elan and are now cautious, they also got promoted to veteran thanks to the See the Elephant card. 

I also replenished my artillery park replacing the Napoleon in the Pulaski Artillery with a Heavy Rifle and gaining a new battery I am calling the Richmond Reserve which is also equipped with 1 heavy and 1 lite Rifle.

The Priority Card will help me make up for the lack of any Confederate national cards, though 4 dummy cards are no where near as useful as "Local Intelligence" and "Rebel Yell."

I drew two See the Elephant card and since I had no other recruit units I used Political Savy to swap it for another card and drew Old Reliables.  I granted this to the Trans-Mississippi Battalion my last Eager Veteran unit. 

The Sharpshooters card was used to raise the North Carolina regiment to a strength of 4.

Finally the 65th Virgina Regiment(fictional) 9 stands of Seasoned Recruits  joins the army.

John leads the Epic points race with 42 points to 41.  I have won 5 of our 8 battles but there is an old saying about the Last Battle being the only one that counts.