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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Check your Six at 3 Trolls

As my lady was working today I was able to make my way to 3 Trolls for a rare Saturday morning game.  They were playing a game called Check your Six I was flying two Petes a Japanese float plane fighter defending a sea plane carrier.
The US is attaching from form two directions we choose to try and head off the Dauntless Dive Bomber hoping the Avengers would take too long to get in and get hits. My planes are the two in gray. 
Hear come the Avengers... seeming to have a free and clear run...
 I've got my eye on two Dauntless dive bombers...
But in turn turning in be hind them I find myself in the cross hairs (actually latter in the game it was remembered that a Dauntless with a bomb has only a range of 1 with its forwarded MGs, oh well)
At least this benefited my survivor. My dice rolling is terrible I got a few hits but never rolled enough damage to hurt a single US plane.
The US take a lot of hits but break through and land one torpedo on the Seaplane carrier they manage some damage but not enough to sink it so the day ends in a draw.  

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