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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hobby Bunker campaign (8) Yankees snatch victory from defeat in the Valley

 This quiet cross Roads farm became the sight of my 8th battle with John's Union Army John won the scouting throw and elected to defend.
 John deployed along the road and began digging in his deployment put his artillery on his flanks in this way he kept me from slipping cavalry along the flanks.  But my main thrust was toward the center and the objective(cross roads).
The terrain gave me cover on my aproach. John's cavalry got hurt early on by my artillery as it moved down the road.
 They then slipped off to the right and will show up again latter. The Louisiana Tigers would sweep forward and take objective... securing my fist epic point
 My first Charge using Rebel Yell was thrown back so both John and I earned an epic point.
 John took aim on the Tigers with his Heavy Rifles but I managed avoid damage at this time.
 Sweeping forward to fire at close range.  I hit john on his turn with Couldn't hit an elephant but  John has batteries on both my flanks striking several of my units and inflicting some damage but I mostly avoiding serious harm using my cards carefully.
 Second Charge with Rebel Yell this time John's troops are driven back with heavy losses and I gain another epic point
 John hits me hard with his artillery then hits me with the Couldn't hit an elephant card freazing me and probably keeping me from gaining 2 epic points (one for a charge, one for the win) I missed rolling over john's shatter point by 1 point.
 John mean while has gotten his cavalry around behind me... almost into position. I lack the cards for an effective battle but I hang on to one to keep John at bay...
I use old Rivals to save my guns but John has hit me for many casualties and he can win on a 5 or 6 and he rolls a 6.  This was one of our closest battle, both of us used are cards well.  I played well tactically sweeping in using cover early in the game to seize and hold the objective but John's Yankees were resilient and held on to gain the win doing a lot of damage with his artillery.  John leads me by one epic point going into the last game.