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Monday, June 16, 2014

Union Troops for Longstreet

The Yankees are on the March! I have been using a lot of Blue paint lately!  A Union Brigade is taking shape, its not a historical brigade and its a mix of eastern and western units, just a mix I felt was interesting and semi representative.
The 12 Massachusetts you've seen these already but with out their color guard and officers. Know as Webster's Regiment for their original Colonel Fletcher Webster. Col Webster killed at second Bull Run/Manassas but the regiment was active for most of the War
15th Wisconsin I went to college in Wisconsin so I have a tie to that state and I though including the Scandinavian Regiment would be a nice bit of flavor.  I find the ethic regiments of the Union Army very interesting. They speak to how we thought of our selves and our communities in the 19th century (and maybe to day as well)
The 6th Massachusetts as Massachusetts is my home state I will be forgiven I hope if they are "over represented." This was not a regiment with a glorious battle history but it was made up of men from Lowell Massachusetts were I currently live and as they were the first Union regiment to Reach Washington DC I felt they should be represented.  Some times know as "the minutemen of 1861" the regiment is most famous for its participation in the Baltimore Riots.
 The 35th Indian I liked the idea of an Irish regiment from someplace we(New Englanders at least) don't think of as having a strong Irish identity. That and the Green Kepi made a regimental distiction that just had to be represented.
The 39th New York Garibaldi Guards, with their flashy uniforms. I took a liberty with history and did the hat plumes in red rather than black because it stand out so much better.
Finally the 54th Massachusetts is my African American unit to add to the brigade in the late war. The regiment was made justly famous by the movie Glory.
DSG Free Blades bandit character.
On a completely unrelated note DGS Games has a Kickstarter running and they have asked me to remind those who may be interested that it will complete in 42 hours. They have 7 faction for their Free Blades game already and this one is to add an 8th the Kuzzaarik (Dwarves).  The Miniatures are great especially the Female figures who look like warriors not pinups with swords.  I have not played the game but everything I hear is positive.   The figures them selves are worth pursuing for any one who like fantasy figures for wargaming or RPGs.