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Friday, June 13, 2014

Longstreet Hobby Bunker Campaign Post battle (7)

As my dedicated readers know the last battle was disastrous defeat for the Confederacy.  Not only did I suffer terrible casualties but John also managed to rack up a bunch of Epic points.

The Post Battle process was reasonably kind to me. I couldn't quite make good my Artillery losses but I now have 5 Heavy Rifles but I will be down two barrels from my previous list and John will have a full 9 guns to come after me with.

I use Hail to the Chief and 2 replacements to keep my Cavalry at a useful level... I might just get a scouting bonus in the next battle (probably not). I have merged the Louisiana Tigers and 3rd Arkansas into the Trans-Mississippi provisional battalion.  I promoted the Shenandoah Militia to Veteran and renamed them.  Transfer gave me the 22nd Virgina a unit I picked because its commanded by one Col. George S. Patton Sr. I was still at only 42 of a total strength of 46 (thanks to Friend tin the state house) so the 45th North Carolina joins the army.   

I've still got an army to be reckoned with and I need a good performance in the next battle, this is do or die time for earning Epic points.  It will be a couple of weeks before John's Schedule and mine permit a game.