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Monday, June 9, 2014

7th Armor vs Feldhernnhalle

Playing again in the Firestorm Bagration campaign at the Whiz again on Sunday.  This time I swapped side joining the Allies.  I don't own a Soviet Army but I felt my 7th Armor list could work and I had some soviet infantry (who would represent a Soviet Sapper unit).  My opponent was my pal Mark against whom I have played many "Epic" games. Mark was Playing his German Feldhernnhalle list with a Hungarian Artillery unit in support (Nasty Buggers with 149mm howitzers that are a AT5 coming down!)
The square at the top of the image is were the objectives are an Mark had placed most of his men to move to meet them.  I had what I though was a pretty good plan which was to converge on the area from 3 direction. My reinforcements would arrive along the back corner.  I would drive with on tank platoon into Marks deployment area while another tank company drove up then right isolating the objectives and putting them in a cross fire.  A good plan its only flaw being it didn't work!
I drove on the AT guns but even with 10 shots I didn't get a single hit! Mark's AT bounced off the Jumbos but his artillery got Two of my tanks.
The following turn I move up, got one AT gun.. I should have assaulted then (actually I should have used the recon platoon in assault but had moved them away) I waited a turn Mark's artillery and AT guns got two more of my tanks and then I assaulted Mark and I both ended up with one tank and one gun(Mark got the tank the following turn.
My other tanks got held up by Mark's observer!  and then Panthers appeard behind me.
I lost a tank and counter attacked getting two of the Panthers the final one passed moral and then mark got his Mardurs
The Marders mad a sweep of my tanks all bu the 2iC who died a turn latter. I was now down two platoons. 
Then My reinforcements arrived Soviet Sappers!  Using the cover of the woods to advance on Mark's Panzer IVs!
The initial attack is unsuccessful but a second attack is quite bloody a number of Germans and Soviets die...
But I am driven off in the end with heavy casualties. Mark won this one 6-1 though I beat up several of his platoons I never was able to finish one off. Mark and I always have close games (from a game play stand point if not always based on score) and most of those have gone my way. Great game Mark and congratulations on your victory.