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Extra Life
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dark week

Hey friends Its been a while since I had a real post and the reason is my Nana passed away on May 30 (2014).  She has a long life 98 years so I got 37+ years with her, its selfish to want more time but of course I do, you always want one more visit, one more memory.
This is her on her 98th Birthday. The grin is in part because she know I am proposing to Ariana in 3 days with her(Nana's) ring. She never saw it on Ariana's finger we planed to visit Saturday the 1st of June but that wasn't in time. She loved her 3 Grandchildren and two Great Grandchildren very much and her numerous Nieces, Nephews and younger cousins all knew her as Aunty Kay knew her love as well.

On a Historic note its the 70th anniversary of D-Day  if you know a World War II vet Thank him or her regardless of where or when they served.