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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Agent D

This Fellow is Reaper Miniatures Dr. Watson (I presume of Sherlock Homes Fame).  I thought he would make a fun and versatile figure.  
With is late 19th early 20th century kit he won't look out of place in old west games or pulp games I actually got him with the idea that he might be a character in Mike Paine's fictional Chinese city of Hanghai.  The idea was that he might be a distant scion of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent living in Hanghai running a "Gin Joint" that has a certain resemblance to a place called Rick's in Morocco.  Naturally this is a cover as he is realy an agent of some European government or  wealthy patron. 
I'm a little conflicted with how the dark blue hat works with a gray suit but mostly I am pleased with how the paint job came out.
Mikes games have a long history of people donating characters (who they get to play when they are present) and I think this fellow will be a nice addition to his collection if I ever manage to get it to him. 
 Mike's games are always fun he ran it as Huzzah and is taking part in the Open Gaming Convention July 25th to 27th in Nashua New Hampshire.