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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Knights of St. John Blades (dismounted Knights) and Camp

A key component of the Knights of St. John Army are the knights them selves you get on unit of knights and a General who is also a knight. They can be mounted or dismounted. When dismounted they function as Blades DBA's catch all term for infantry who use hacking, slashing stabling and bashing weapons with a relatively short reach.
I feel like two of these guys are missing their shields, but none came with the set... maybe I can find some that will work.
The mace and sword combo fellow looks quite add ass in more Hollywood than history sort of way.
The general stand looks a lot like the knights but two of the men have fancy hats.  I wish one of the spears was longer so I could mount a banner to it.
The detail on the Armor is very good as I expect from Essex though these are not my favorite figures from them.
DBA armies have a camp and this is mine.  Its a 10mm scale piece from JR Miniatures  the coloring is based on images of the forts at Malta like the famous Fort St. Elmo
Truth be told it doesn't look all that much like the fortifications built by the Order of St. John but its the symbolism that counts. I'm not sure what I think of the trees at the back, its a nice touch in theory but I am not sure it worked in execution.
The figures are over sized of course but one unit fits in nicely so it will function well for the game.