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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Firestorm Bagration battle at the Whiz

Finally got to participate in the Whiz Firestorm Bagragtion with a game on Sunday(June 1).  My opponent and new friend Chris was new to the game so we took it easy a number of mistakes were made in part because I really don't know the Soviet rules but we did our best and had a good time. I sent my infantry down the middle used a force of 7 Stugs on the near flank and a mix force of Stugs, Tigers and Panthers (using Panzer IVs as proxies) on the far flank. Infantry initially clashed in the woods
 The main action happened on the far side of the table I lost a Stug but drove the infantry out of the sunken road. Chris.
 I moved forward with my Infantry but Chris launched a massive counter attack with T-34 warned him my men had Panzerfausts but he went in any way and lost 5 tanks!  As Chris is new I offered him a do over but he took the result.  On the near side I lost 3 Stugs but got 8 T-34s for them but 5 more of the buggers showed up.
On the next turn I was able to knock out Chris' SU-100 and we declared it game. Chris played well especially for his second game.  I need to get more familiar with the soviet special rules so I can help out new players like Chris better