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Monday, August 8, 2016

Redcoats and Rebels 2016 At Old Sturbidge Village

Some photos of War Gaming in the One to One Scale at Old Sturbidge Village this weekend.  My Friend Heather took some photos with my camera of the battle on Sunday.
  I'm not going to provide a blow by blow report of the weekend or the battle.  I am hoping someone got some pictures of the defense against the Bayonet with sword demonstration I did as part of the bayonet drill  demonstration the regiment did Saturday 
 British lights harass the the Allied deployment
 Col. Chetwynd scouting ahead of his troops

  The French and Continental forces I am carrying the pale blue flag with the Continentals... apparently none of the Americans was worthy of the honor

 The French are sent ahead to assist on the far left flank
 Saintonge Advances into combat.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures if get any more I will post them and may attempt a verbal write up of the battles