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Monday, August 29, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs Avengers

Austin has been having Sandy paint up a bunch of Marvel miniatures for superhero game of the same name. I'm not a comic book guy though I do enjoy most comic book movies, so I am going to screw up some characters name so apologies in advance
 I had control of Drax and Gamora.  Drax is tough but doesn't do a lot of damage, Gamora is something of a jack of all trades.
 Austin created these great cards to track the characters powers and abilities.
  We are faced off against a force of Avengers or I presume have mistaken us for evil alien invaders. They have Thor and Hawk Eye for high cover
 We have Star lord and Rocket doing the same.
 Nova and Groot advance up the middle..
 while I stick to cover along one flank.
The Avenges are doing the same
  I get off a couple of shots at Tony Stark as does Star lord (who can shoot through buildings, pretty cool)
 Rocket Raccoon shoots Thor after he leaps down to the central building
 Drax Protects Nova from a number of attacks using body guard
 Drax throws a car at Captain he can't hit him but does do damage to his cover.
 Groot throws another car at the buildign hopping to build it down under Thor
 Goot goes for more "ammunition"
 At this point the battle ground has been chosen and the fighting get serious  
 After a ferious exchange of blows stabs, and energy related powers of all types Gamora is down, so is Black Panther and Drax has been knocked down but not killed
 Groot ads a flying car to the mix... smacking Iron man rather hard.
 If you are Rocket Raccoon it makes perfect sense to blow up a building to clear the line of fire.  He then hits Black Panther hard (he shouldn't have but we are all missing powers.
Despite a last inmate effort by Star Lord the Guardians are unable force a tie with another kill.  The system was fun I think I would enjoy it more in a scenario based game.  I also would like a system that rewards players for playing in character.  I was a little miffed when an unconscious Gamora was kill by Captain America.