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Monday, August 22, 2016

En Garde! at sea

Dave hosted a game at his home Sunday, we had decided on En Garde! but we wanted to us some ships Dave and Mike have been working on. 
Mike's Ship and Pirate crew a Chinese Junk maned by European pirates but He has two of my new civilians on board, we have to rescue them.
Alatriste and his Hidalgos have captured a small sampan and as they move to rescue the grandee and his wife.  They have unlikely Allies in this...
Dave's Puritans with their praying Indian allies in a long boat (we removed the cannon) the only ship we have that is truly to scale.
Pirates guard the Grandee and his lady....
Mike must sail out and off the board.  Ships move 2d6 inches per turn, Ships provide those on board with medium cover.
Mike also got to put men on the islands to snip at us (not exactly shore batteries but we didn't want to get into rules for sinking ships. We also let men within 9" make a shooting attack against the ship with a grapple.  Two Grapples on a ship mean it can be boarded. A character can cut a grappling line with an attack that does a "grievous wound or better" the rope is assumed to roll on die for 6 each time the attacker rolls 2d6+fight.
Shots ring out on all sides.  No hits are recorded as we close in though a few figures are stunned.
Both sides are blazing away... but with little effect.
Dave gets a grappling line across...
but Mike cuts it down quickly.
More guns blaze and Mike kills one of Dave's soldiers.
Mike almost drives thorough us!
Dave Gets another line across!
Saramonch leaps from one deck to the other easily clearing the gap!
Bartolo throws up a grapple and Mike fails his roll to cut it loose
el Bravo gets a second line across!
Mike cuts on of the grapples but his sailor takes a light wounds in the process.
Inego scurries up the lines onto the quarter deck of the pirate vessel
Dave gets another line Mike is now held fast with Spaniards swarming the deck as Alatriete also leaps across!
Inego deals and takes blows only barely surviving the attacks thanks to his buff coat
Saramonch and Alatriete kill first one, pirate then Saramonch storms up the quarter deck and kills a second.
Alatrieste kills a second pirate and then a third...
Mike's pirate "two Guns" empties his pistols into the gallant Captain and he goes down with a critical wound.
Dave mean while has his natives joining the party on the quarter deck
Sebasien Capones and his musketeers reload and race to the rear of the ship to guard their comrades on the quarter deck.
Mike's spear armed pirate finishes of Inego but goes down to blows from Bartolo and el Bravo
Dave's Indian's  kill the last pirate on the quarter deck and the rest of Mike's crew surrender leaving the Spanish and English to split the spoils.