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Friday, August 12, 2016

En Garde!: Alatrieste and the gate of death

Thursday night I met up with Dave and Mike. Mike brought his amazing new ruined castle gate so we decided to have one war band (mine) defend it while their war bands attacked it.  I had an elite band of Spanish swordsmen while Dave had Puritans and Mike had Pirates (Since Puritans and Pirates are pretty much the same thing from a Spanish point of view it makes perfect sense) My men are very skilled at close in fighting, they did not have any long range weapons.  They have pistols but my opponents have muskets with better than twice my range.  I do have a good defensive position.  We used the Defence scenario rolling a 7 turn game.
Mikes troops move along my right flank while Dave moves up the center directly at the gate (though using cover)
I move two of my men to the right and opened fire. Sebastien Capons gets a light wounds on one of Mike's pirates.
Inigo Balboa my scout sneaks up on Mike's scout a points his pistol through the fence.  despite the short range I only got a light wound.
After reloading Capons takes out the pirate captain Ron the Red but they are closing in on me. 
Saramago gets another hit on the pistol armed pirate while Inigo makes a run for cover.  Inigo also got hit with a light wound.  
He did get to safety and a chance to reload.
Dave moved into position and started firing through the gate, Dave landed a serious hit on Bartolo Cacafuego.
Mike rolled badly with this blunderbuss armed pirate and was quickly shot down
Both sides rush the gate and pistol and musket shots ring out across the ruble.  Inigo using his agility slips out and engages on the fare side of the smoke
Saramago takes on an armed to the teeth pirate and soon had him bloody and battered but they were still locked in battle.
A furious engagement breaks out at the gate.  Bartolo is taken down by, while El Bravo take a wound form Metacomet but kill the praying Indian in turn.  Captain Alatriste is a whirl of death killing three of the English dogs and Inigo kills another in a prolonged fight.   One of my party is dead and three others are wounded, Dave and Mike have lost 5 men including both of their leaders.  If they had one more turn they might well have taken the gate but Spanish Cavalry appears on the horizon to save the day for Alatriste and his band of Hidalgos.