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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Brigade Game: Running Musketeer

 I got this fellow to add to Alatriste's war band he's form Brigade Games "town militia set".  Originally I had intended for him to be Sebastian Capones(and did in our En Garde at sea game) but in rereading the books decided he's far to elegant for that blunt soldier.
 Now I am thinking of using him for an older version of Inigo Balboa as he might have appear a year or two after the events in "Pirates of the Levant"  I went with muted colors and I think I got the impression of a brown velvet jacket quite nicely.  The lace collar really pops.  I can imagine this fellow staking dear or boar on a royal hunt.
I'm also pleased with how the cloak came out. The sculpture is just wonderful at once balanced and dynamic a new favorite of mine.