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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Four Swashbucklers

You've seen these fellows before when I unveiled Captain Alatrieste.  These four are from Eureka miniatures Portuguese Conquistadors set.  
My favorite figure of the set.  He looks like he's just finished off one foe and is turning to face another.
The buff coat, hair and face are wonderfully detailed...
as is the sword and not one but two daggers, clearly a man ready for all comers.
This energetic  figure is an interesting one. I'm not sure if his pants have worn out and he's dress only in his shirt tails or if he has on some sort of kilt or perhaps slops of the sort sailors some time use.
His waist coat has lost it sleeves,  I gave him a blue hat with a natty feather to set off his otherwise some what tattered appearance.
This fellow is clearly a warrior.  I twisted the sword arm to bring the point forward into a 1st or high guard for the rapier.  The stance is one of the best I have seen for a figure of the scale.
His buff coat is a little worn but in good shape as his all his gear.
I would say this fellow is working his way though some brush the sword seems like its in a compromise between, fending off branches and being ready to fend off attackers.  I do find his helmet and interesting touch maybe he picked it up or maybe he discarded his heavier armor because of the heat.
Its a little odd that a man has a helmet but no shoes. The details on the rapier guard is impressive, thought that is not entirely clear in the picture.