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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

En Garde: Alatrieste' Hidalgos (1)

The concept for my En Garde! war band is drawn form the characters of Arturo Perez-Reverte Captain Alatriste Novels. This is a long way form all the options (and I am painting more) but I wanted to share my thinking.  Copyright for the characters below belong to Arturo Perez-Reverte.   I will be doing some additional characters. Please note I am using an elite war band structure from En Garde! 
"Captain" Diego Alatriste y Tenorio the title Captain is apocryphal but the leadership is real (at lest among such rough and ready types). A skilled hand with gun, sword or dagger Alatriste a deadly opponent. A man of few words and even few words when under threat, he meets fortune good or bad with silence and an ironic smile. He is not at great strategist, but is a master of the simple and brutal tactics of close in fighting.
Íñigo Balboa y Aguirre Alatriste's "page" a capable and brave lad with quick wits and a nose for trouble. Despite his youth he usually handles himself well in fights. I'm using on of my pirate miniatures as I haven't found another figure with the youthful look I want. Íñigo is Alatriste's chronicler keeping a record of their adventures.
Sebastien Capones served with Alatrieste in Flanders. He's a crack shot and almost as skill in hand to and fighting. Like Alatriste he is a man of few words, he has a good head for tactics and Alatrieste relies on him as his second in command and is one of the few men he trusts implicitly.
Bartolo Cagafeugo met the captain in prison and after sizing each other up he became the Captain's fast friend. More Braggart than brave Bartolo is never the less a good humored companion (a man with the sir name "shit fire" must be good humored) and more than willing to lay his life of the line to back up a friend.
Saramacho El Portuques an educated master swordsman. Like Alatrieste he's man who clings to a thin line of morality. He's willing to kill in a fight but never takes a contract to murder. He spends his money printing a long epic poem of his own composition. If he's not fighting or fence you will invariably find a book or pen in his hand.
"El Bravo" A pimp and ruffian from Seville with a high opinion of himself.  He claims to have been a soldier but there is not much doubt that this is a lie.  He is brave enough in a fight but not very disciplined and likely to question orders and he may well try to steal something for himself on the side, its best to watch your back around him.