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Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Captain" Diego Alatriste y Tenorio

Here we have a Miniatures from Brother Vinni inspired by one of my favorite modern literary characters.  What's more he's modeled on the portrayal of that character by Viggo Mortenson who most people know from Lord of the Rings.   He plays the captain quite well in the film Captain Alatriste: the Spanish Musketeer the battles and sword play is awesome the story is... poor though well played by all the actors. This is what happens when you cram 5+ books into one movie.
"Captain" Diego Alatriste y Tenorio the title Captain is apocryphal but the leadership is real (though far form perfect). A skilled hand with gun, sword or dagger Alatriste is deadly opponent. A man of few words and even few words when under threat, he meets fortune good or bad with silence and an ironic smile. He is not at great strategist, but is a master of the simple and brutal tactics of close in fighting.
If you like historical fiction you should check out the the Captain Alatriste series.  It's a great modern take on the swashbuckler genre.  Alatriste is at his heart quite noble but living as he does in a broken world is a man often forced to do ignoble things in pursuit of a greater good or simply to keep his belly full.
This is the first time I have bought Brother Vinni.  It's a good figure, resin, you have to glue several pieces in place but it when together with few issues. The price was reasonable for an individual specialty figure.  Now if only they would do some of the other characters from the series.
Here we have a little preview of the Captain with some of his band of Spanish "Hidalgos" looking for trouble.