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Monday, August 15, 2016

Reaper Giant

I picked this Figure up at the Huzzah Yard Sale from my friend Tim who was making space for his Bones III order that is coming in "soon."
 He's a substantial figure as you can see maybe 5" tall and about 2" across the chest.  Bones shines in figues like this as making this guy in lead would be nuts and expensive.
 I used a wire to straighten out his sword and the repair worked well.  this was the only flaw in the figure that I didn't paint on.
 He has a lot of exposed flesh and I practiced my skin tone lessons from the Huzzah! Painting class and I am fairly happy with the results.
 Yes I did his kilt in tartan because I am that crazy! I think it came out well.
I'm also very proud of how well his face came out.  Despite his lack of winter gear I suspect he'll see some play in Frostgrave and probably in Dragon Rampant as well.