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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Game Planning... back to Scotland.

So those who were here back in the 2009/10 may recall this blog started chronicling a campaign between my self and Luke in which a Scottish Rebellion (loosely based on the '45) and the adventures of one General Robert deBurre figured most prominently. 

Well the Boston Trained band needs some scenarios to fill the winter weekends so I thought I would revisit this campaign and use it for the basis of a what if scenario based on the '45.
 I am going to assume that as in the campaign the French Navy was able to slip a significant reinforcement to Scotland.  This will give the Scots a true brigade of Franco-Irish troops, horses for some true cavalry and some trained artillery men to supplement their Highland and Lowland divisions.
War Games Illustrated 296 has several scenarios and I think the one at Swarkestone Bridge seems most interesting to me.  The force they provide in their scenario is a bit too small to give a real fight but it could make a good option if we are short on players.

They also have a battle at Finchley that looks like an excellent option for this improved Jacobite force to take on.  The English may need a few additional units to keep things in balance but over all I think its a good option. Some Hessian troops might add a little color to the English side